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Download SANSCalc Desktop. If you have not downloaded SANSCalc Desktop yet, you can download it by clicking the buttons on the right. IMPORTANT: Please take time to read the installation instructions  as it contains crucial steps you have to follow during installation.
QTY Discount % Unit Price Total Excl Total Incl VAT 1 0% R450.00 R450.00 R517.50 2 0% R450.00 R900.00 R1035.00 3 10% R405.00 R1215.00 R1397.25 4 10% R405.00 R1620.00 R1863.00 5 10% R405.00 R2025.00 R2328.75 6 20% R360.00 R2160.00 R2484.00 7 20% R360.00 R2520.00 R2898.00 8 20% R360.00 R2880.00 R3312.00 9 20% R360.00 R3240.00 R3726.00 10 30% R315.00 R3150.00 R3622.50
Choose the number of licenses. The pricing table below indicates the cost per amount of 1 year subscription licenses you require. If you need additional licenses, please request a quote.
Make a payment. After you decided on the amount of licenses you would like to buy , make your payment to the following account: Absa Bank | Newton Park |  Cheque Acc No: 405640 2325 | Branch Code: 632005 Once the payment has been made, click the Submit Proof of Payment button on the right and follow the instructions.
SANSCalc Desktop Purchasing Procedure.