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SANSCalc Desktop Version 2 Release Notes. V2.0.9 release notes Bug fixes including updating of Mechanical Fenestration report. V2.0.7 Release Notes  • For Buildings with H4 Occupancy we opened up Number of People value in the Services - Hot Water Module due to various interpretations wrt Occupancy calculations.  • Added a note to Services Hot Water Report. V2.0.6 Release Notes  • Fixed renaming of building. V2.0.5 Release notes: • Fixed Wall Module saving issue.  • Fixed Roof light Area calculation.  • Lifted Floor Area warning messages. V2.0.4 Release notes: • Fixed issues when creating multiple buildings within a project. • Fixed parts of the Roof Assembly Reporting page which did not update.  V2.0.3 Release notes: • Added reporting update fix.  V2.0.2 Release Notes   • Fixed Reporting issue with Lighting and Power module.
V2.0.1 Release Notes   • Total Area (Gross) added to differentiate between areas used for Max Energy demand and consumption and Services Lighting  and Power. • Fixed Roof Light Area calculation results when using a Diameter. • Roof Light Area percentage fixed when linking to Fenestration Room Area elements.  • Mechanical Fenestration reporting fixed.  • SimilarFenestration Element Marks now being picked up as separate items. SANSCalc V 2.0: New modules have been included: • Maximum Energy Demand and Consumption • Building Orientation • Services – Lighting and Power  • Services – Hot Water Supply  • Floors • External Walls • Roof Lights • Roof Assemblies • Air Infiltration and Leakage  New and improved features: • New reporting on all modules. • New backup system creating .bak file upon opening a database file. This file exists in the same directory as the main .bd file.  • New Recent File List for opening recently used databases. • New user company name input including options to upload a company logo. • New activation system providing more stability and accuracy with regards to activation.   • New time based licensing system. • Bug Fixes incl an area calculation fix.  
SANSCalc Desktop Version 1 Release Notes. SANSCalc V1.1.3: Fixed Area Calculation Bug.  SANSCalc V1.1.2: Fixed Reporting Bug.   SANSCalc V1.1.1: • Improved installation procedure. • User rights elevation for Windows UAC ( User Account Control ) restrictions.   • Various bug fixes.   • Added an input grid export tool.  • Added various tooltips.  • Contextual Multiselect ribbon.  • Added background save when accessing report tab.  
SANSCalc V1.1.0: • Reporting changes: o Included additional details of fenestration elements. o Selection of optional storeys to include in report.  • Fenestration Shading value changed to incorporate a sliding scale between 80%-100% shaded. • Apply button added to details by row selection. This includes applying orientation, façade no and shading values to selection.  • Removed the report export and print limitation on the trial version.  SANSCalc V1.0.9: Change in Databse technology o Moved from LocalDB to SQLite.