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SANSCalc Desktop. Energy efficiency in the palm of your hands. SANSCalc Desktop is a stand-alone product for use with any CAD environment. You work as you design a building, store the information and add to it or change as the design develops. You can easily keep track of your values, such as aggregate conductance and heat gain values.  Previous and existing projects can be reviewed for as-built documentation and certification. All the modules from the SANS 204 and SANS 10400-XA energy efficiency documents are included in SANSCalc Desktop. These include the deemed to satisfy fenestration calculations, roof and wall insulation calculations, peak energy demand and annual energy usage of lighting. Autodesk Revit integration Autodesk Revit integration allows the user to pull fenestration details from Revit drawings and models, perform calculations and experiment with alternative material choices before finalising designs. While building from existing data will help speed the calculation process, the calculator will also allow users to enter all information manually, in the event of projects already on printed media.
SANSCalc Desktop Installation Instructions. SANSCalc Desktop Installation Procedure: Log in with a Windows user with “Admin rights”. Disable “Windows User Account Control” (UAC). Restart your PC for this to take effect. Disable antivirus software during the installation. Download and install the SANSCalc Desktop application. Extract the ZIP file and run the .exe “As Administrator” by right clicking on the .exe file. Add the SANSCalc Folder to your anti-virus scanning exclusion list. The folder to add to the list is: c:\Program Files\Sanscalc\ Optionally, install the SANSCalc Revit add-in. Download links below. Activation Procedure: Open the SANSCalc Desktop application. Copy the “Request Code” from the activation window. Click the ‘Request License File’ link to go to the activation page on the SANSCalc website. Paste the “Request Code” and complete the rest of the details in the form. Your license file will be emailed to you within one business day. Once you have received the License File from us, open SANSCalc and click the ‘Submit the License’ button. Browse to the received license file and open it.
Pre-Installation Notes / System Requirements: Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP Windows Vista Service Pack 2 Windows 7 Windows Server 2008 R2 Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2 Windows 8 Windows 10 Service Pack 3 for Windows XP is recommended. Please download SP3 from Microsoft’s website Please download and install the Window XP Installer Update  prior to installing SANSCalc Desktop on Windows XP. Service Pack 2 for Windows Vista is recommended. Update Windows Vista to SP2 using the Windows Update feature. Service Pack 1 for Microsoft Windows 7 is recommended. Update Windows 7 to SP1 using the Windows Update feature. or Download Win7 SP1 from: SP1 for 32bit Windows 7    SP1 for 64bit Windows 7
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Interested in SANSCalc Desktop? You don’t have to buy something you are not familiar with. Download the 15-day, fully-functional trial completely FREE of charge! Only once your trial has expired are you required to purchase a license for the program to continue using it. Free SANSCalc Desktop Download: IMPORTANT: Please take time to read the installation instructions  as it contains crucial steps you have to follow during installation. Activate Your Trial: Click to activate your SANSCalc Desktop Trial now. If your trial has expired, please purchase a 1 year subscription license.
SANSCalc Desktop Purchasing Procedure Choose the amount of 1 year subscription licenses you would like to buy and make your payment to the following account: Absa Bank | Newton Park |  Cheque Acc No: 405640 2325 | Branch Code: 632005 Once the payment has been made, click the Submit Proof of Payment button and follow the instructions.