SANSCalc Desktop Demo Videos

SANSCalc Desktop Overview
SANSCalc Desktop V 2.0 is an easy to use program specifically developed to assist architects and building industry professionals with completing energy efficiency calculations. Reports are easily generated to make plan submission as simple as possible

New 10400 XA Building Related Modules in SANSCalc Desktop V2.0
As part of the new 10400-XA building energy efficiency regulations, architectural designers need to do time consuming calculations to comply with these implementations. This video demonstrates how SANSCalc Desktop V 2.0 undertakes this process to provide you with accurate calculations for fenestration, services, floors, walls, roof lights, roof assemblies and air infiltration and leakage

Fenestration Report – Natural
In order to avoid surpassing the allowable Conductance and  Solar Heat Gain values to comply with the XA regulation requirements, SANSCalc Desktop V 2.0 calculates your design’s natural fenestration and gives you an accurate report on the outcome thereof

Fenestration Report – Mechanical
This workflow demonstration illustrates how SANSCalc Desktop V 2.0 can assist you with calculations for mechanical ventilation fenestration. Reports on these calculations are generated to assist in the compliance for XA regulations if air conditioning are installed installed or if your building’s mechanical calculations are required by the local building council

SANSCalc Export add-in for Revit
SANSCalcExport v1.0.5 is a productivity add-on used by designers working with Revit. This tool allows you to capture your Revit design parameters and export it to by used by SANSCalc V 2.0. SANSCalcExport is ultimately designed to increase your productivity in creating energy efficiency calculations