SANSCalc Online Features



SANSCalc Online is not only one of the best SANS 10400-XA and SANS 204 specification calculators on the market, but it also guarantees to have the most cost-effective options available. No downloading procedures and no installation time, save you implementation time and costs. SANSCalc Online also saves you countless hours of time consuming calculations

Import from Revit

Easily gather fenestration and other information from your existing Autodesk Revit models, import, edit and perform the calculations inside SANSCalc of your design. While building from existing data will help speed the calculation process, the calculator maintains usability for those not using Revit, allowing users to enter all information manually, in the event of projects which are already on printed media, or other software such as AutoCAD, Caddie, ArchiCAD, AllyCAD, ZWCAD etc.

Complete Report

SANSCalc Online allows you to review all your projects as if they were already built with complete documentation and certification. Under normal circumstances, these calculations would be extremely dreary and time-consuming – with the likeliness of errors and manual miscalculations – while SANSCalc Online effortlessly do these calculations for you. Once a project is ready to submit to the council, the user can generate an accurate, complete report that is ready for submission.

Cloud Based

Your company’s SANSCalc Online users can access the software and all saved projects from any computer or mobile device connected to the internet – no installation required at all! All your data is safely secured and permanently backed up on the SANSCalc server. There is no need to worry about hardware errors that could possibly cause data loss. SANSCalc Online works on a floating software license model, which means that, once a user is logged out, anyone else in the organisation can log in and work on the exact same projects.


SANSCalc Online is programmed to generate reports on the deemed to satisfy fenestration calculations, energy demand and usage of lighting along with other building energy efficiency regulations as stipulated in the SANS 10400-XA and SANS 204 documentation.These calculations are hard coded and the formulas are non-editable and are based on the tables, information and formulas outlined in the SANS 10400-XA and SANS 204 guidelines and do not deviate ensuring consistent results every time.

Ease of Use

SANSCalc Online is an easy to use program based on an architectural database that contains the latest information and tables as specified by the SANS 204 and SANS 10400-XA regulations. The application comes with built-in tooltips, screenshots and demo videos to ensure ease of use. As the user works with SANSCalc Online, the system will guide the user to ensure compliance so they can adjust their designs accordingly.