SANSCalc Export Revit Add-In

The Revit add-on, called SANSCalcExport, is a custom developed tool which will assist in transferring parameters from Revit into the standalone SANSCalc Desktop or the cloud based SANSCalc Online systems.SANSCalcExport is updated each year to cater for the latest available release of Autodesk Revit. This add-in is optional and not required for SANSCalc Desktop or SANSCalc Online to function.You may install SANSCalcExport on as many PC as you want. Each user could then export his Revit info to a SANSCalc Database file ( .db ) which could be opened or imported on both the standalone SANSCalc Desktop or the cloud based SANSCalc Online systems.

Points to consider when using the SANSCalc Revit add-in
Please mitre all Revit wall connections. For curved walls and curtain walls mitring might not work and you might need to double check wall lengths between Revit and SANSCalc. SANSCalcExport will add a mark property into each walls’ instance properties for cross reference purposes. Inside Revit you can add a wall tag from the UK library to show the mark property as a tag. Make sure each walls’ exterior face is set to the exterior of the building. Doors and windows are linked to the orientation of walls. Make sure the wall type properties of your external walls are set to “external” and internal walls set to “internal”.  Please ensure that all “stacked walls” are converted to “basic walls” before exporting to SANSCalc Desktop. You can do this by selecting the stacked wall then “Right Click” => “Break Up”.

SANSCalcExport Revit Add-In Download Link

SANSCalcExport Revit Add-in installation files


SANSCalcExport Revit Add-In Release Notes

SANSCalcExport Revit Add-In V1.1.7
Merge installation file to cater for side-by-side installation to Revit version 2017-2020

SANSCalcExport Revit Add-In V1.1.6
Update to include window elements that are hosted within In-Place wall families provided that the Function parameter of the In-Place wall family is set to Exterior

SANSCalcExport Revit Add-In V1.1.4
Version specific release for Revit 2017

SANSCalcExport Revit Add-In V1.1.3
Version specific release for Revit 2016

SANSCalcExport Revit Add-In V1.1.2
Added checking mechanism for fenestration elements that are not linked to a level

SANSCalcExport Revit Add-In V1.1.1
Minor Bug fixed on Lighting Wattage export

SANSCalcExport Revit Add-In V1.1
• Revit 2015 Compatible
• Fixed support for special characters in Revit file names.
• Added support for exporting Lighting Fixtures and Wattages from Revit

SANSCalcExport Revit Add-In V1.05
• Compatible with SANSCalc v2.0
• Optimised for exporting large Revit files
• Compatible with Revit 2012-2014
• Bug Fixes
• Curtain wall-length export fix
• Export windows and roofs successfully

SANSCalcExport Revit Add-In V1.0.4
• Fixed – The export tool caused Revit to crash in some cases
• Area does not export properly from Revit in some cases
• The wall mark is not updated and exported in some cases

SANSCalcExport Revit Add-In V1.0.3
• Added an export progress indicator
• Provision for stacked walls