For professionals on the go
In yet another progressive step to further aid architects, designers, engineers and building technologists to better perform SANS 10400-XA and 204 calculations, we have created SANSCalc Online. Fenestration and other building energy efficiency calculations can now be done from any PC, tablet or device that has internet access. SANSCalc Online allows you to use one software license on many devices without having to download and install the application at all! A username and password is all that stands between you and the full workflow functionality.

Deemed to satisfy fenestration calculations
All modules from the SANS 204, SANS 10400-XA Energy Efficiency documents and the SAIAT endorsed XA Guide are included in SANSCalc Online. The reporting system includes the deemed to satisfy fenestration calculations, roof and wall insulation calculations, as well as peak energy demand and annual energy usage of lighting as outlined in the documents.

Online and always available
This web application is designed to help you not only perform energy efficiency calculations, but also to generate reports for building plan submission, construction and management purposes. As a result of the program being so flexible, it becomes part of your design workflow, allowing you to open and save your projects as you need them. Maintaining your SANS project’s information has never been easier: It is always online and available to everyone in your company.

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